Russian Investors Now Buying Sheds, Serviced Apartments & Science Parks

Russian investors in the UK are now diversifying their interests and looking to invest in asset classes including retail sheds, serviced apartments and science parks — so says a Russian property consultant.

Speaking to Property Week Alisa Zotimova, founder of AZ Real Estate, says that in the recent past Russian investors had a ‘if it’s not in Knightsbridge, don’t show me it’ mentality oriented towards putting their money into prestige homes. However, a new generation of investors is now looking to put their money into whatever property offers the best return, and they are also looking outside London and towards the regions.

Zotimova comments:”It’s going to be an interesting year. You might be surprised where you see Russian-speaking investors popping up, both in terms of location and asset class.”

It is true to say that Russian investors have conventionally tended to buy mainly London property either to park wealth or to occupy, as well as keeping a fairly low profile for their own reasons. If wealthy Russians are indeed now starting to invest in the wider UK market with a serious investment eye it will be interesting to see where and in what they put their money.